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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment as responsible and sustainable company is to create a confidence environment for our employees, clients, suppliers, shareholders and the same company.


We do reflect our Corporate Social Responsibility in providing:

  • To our customers products and services that allow them to take decisions with the maximum confidence. Our offers are always competitive. We do listen to the needs of our customers and take them into consideration whenever possible.

  • To our shareholders: the excellence on our processes, trying to minimize costs, that allow the highest quality on our products and services.

  • To our employees: an environment of opportunities to develop their professional and personal potential, encouraging teamwork, developing equal opportunities and reconciliation policies, and worrying about their health and well-being.

  • To the society: : resources for social action projects that facilitate the access to the labour market of the underprivileged, donations to cultural, social welfare and socio economic development social initiatives.

  • To the suppliers: a mutual benefit and orientation of our supply chain to practices responsible and consistent with our Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

For this we have the Ethical Code of Informa D&B and the Ethical Code of CESCE.

Great Place to Work

Gptw 2016 280x112

INFORMA D&B has been awarded for 3rd consecutive time  in the Best Workplaces 2016 within the category 250 to 500 employees.

This award of the prestigious international consulting firm Great Place to Work places INFORMA D&B for the third consecutive year among the 50 best companies to work for in Spain; it is the only company from the Business, Financial and Marketing information sector represented in this ranking.

The Best Workplaces list, elaborated from the opinion of the employees and the analysis of Human Resources practices and policies within the company, measures the confidence degree in the companies, as a key to excellent workplaces and as distinguishing feature of the the most successful and great places to work.

Familiarly Responsible Company

Sello EFR

On 3 November 2011, the foundation Másfamilia awards the efr® certification to INFORMA D&B S.A., in agreement with the document norm efr 1000-1.

Being a Familiarly Responsible Company proves that it promotes good labour practices in which equality, justice and respect for people and their families prevail, making easier for the employees to reconcile their working lives with their personal and family lives.

The Familiarly Responsible Company Model constitutes the diagnosis instrument of the labour reality, as it clearly establishes the labour practices of familiarly responsible companies and, on this base, helps to identify the existing breaches, improvement opportunities as well as profits and costs of the possible human resources continuous improvement actions.

All that is included in Informa's Social Benefits Program: CONCILIA

Complaints channel

The aim of CESCE Group’s Complaints Channel is to receive and deal with complaints regarding irregularities or breaches of the principles and values proclaimed in our Ethics Code.

It is a confidential communication channel common to all companies of the CESCE Group.

Scope of complaints

The channel is open to any possible irregularity or breach related to bad financial, accounting, or commercial practices, or regulatory non-compliance committed by employees or companies of CESCE Group.

Communication of the complaint

Complaints are submitted via electronic mail to the following address:

Content of the complaint

All complaints must adequately detail any information that might be required in order to carry out an analysis of the allegations.

Thus, any communications received must include the following:

  • Name and ID Number (or similar) of the complainant
  • Company of the complainant
  • Contact data: phone number, e-mail, etc.
  • Content of the complaint: clear and detailed statement of the facts, the company/area affected and the date or period when they have occurred and identification of the persons possibly involved.

Furthermore, the complainant may accompany any evidence in his hands.


Confidentiality is guaranteed on the complainant, the subject of the complaint and of other possibly related parties, and the content of the complaint. In no case the complainant’s identity shall be revealed to the subject of the complaint.

Retaliation of any kind shall not be tolerated for complaints submitted in good faith and where the complainant has reasonable grounds for believing it to be sustainable.

Personal data protection

In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data and its implementing regulations, be informed that any personal data you provide with your complaint will be incorporated into a file owned by CESCE, S.A. and handled according to the safety measures legally required.

The aim is to serve as an instrument to handle and deal with the complaints of non-compliance or irregularities in relation with the principles and values of CESCE’s Ethics Code. Our complaints channel is common to all companies of CESCE Group, wherefore such data of personal nature may be assigned to CESCE’s affiliated companies whenever necessary for the investigation, handling and/or resolution of a complaint.

Likewise, we do inform you that, in any case, you may exercise, at any time, your access, rectification, cancellation and opposition legal rights, through letter addressed to the Business Risk Manager at Calle Velázquez, núm. 74 in Madrid or the e-mail

Complaints Channel Procedure - CESCE Group

Group’s Complaints Channel Procedures

Global Compact

Pacto Mundial

On 2 September 2010 INFORMA D&B joined UN Global Compact (, a freely joining ethic commitment initiative for companies of all countries to accept as an integral part of their strategy and operations, ten conduct and action principles in the following fields: Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption fight.

Its aim is promoting the creation of a global corporate citizenship, that allows the conciliation of the interests and processes of the business activity with the values and demands of the civil society, IFORMA D&B is firmly committed with this initiative, introducing the ten principles as well on its strategic vision as on its daily activities.

You can consult INFORMA D&B's Progress Report