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Leader brand in Marketing databases

Marketing databases for all needs: Prospecta Companies, Prospecta Sole Proprietorships, Prospecta Executives, Prospecta Individuals... diferent targets for every need.

With INFORMA D&B Marketing Solutions you can:

  • Classify and remove from your files the companies and individuals with higher default of payment risk.
  • Identify, classify and segment new prospects, according to your needs.
  • Direct campaigns to most profitable prospects all throughout the world.
  • Contact with the main executives that take decisions at companies.
  • Normalise, update, refine and enrich your company's database (CRM).

Prospecta Companies

PROSPECTA Companies the marketing database of INFORMA D&B a place to find all the best companies to carry our marketing actions. This database was born after the merger of INFORMA and Dun & Bradstreet's databases with the aim of establishing and qualitative and quantitative differences in the marketing world.

To access PROSPECTA Companies you can:

  • Use the most advanced online segmenter in the market, an appropriate tool for companies that carry out Direct Marketing campaigns, for any sending volume and that need an easy way of obtaining counts and identify prospects.
  • Contact our specialists team in Marketing Services that would help you planning your segmenting and client attracting actions without additional costs.

Prospecta's Quality Commitment

We guarantee a maximum mail devolution index of 5%. In case we do not fulfil with this index we will give you two free addresses for each address exceeding this percentage.


Apart from PROSPECTA Companies, INFORMA D&B offers you:

PROSPECTA Sole Proprietorships where you would find all the information on these legal entities (sole proprietors), standardized and refined, ready to complement sales and marketing activities.

PROSPECTA Executives with business contact information, continuously updated, on more than 3,9 million of executives and managers, decision-makers, to which to aim marketing campaigns.

Prospecta Individuals

Thanks to the agreement between INFORMA D&B and Experian, PROSPECTA Individuals database has more than 4,6 million Spanish households, from publicly available sources.

All records are enriched with MOSAIC information, segmenting Spanish households according to their homogeneous characteristics on social, economic, habitat, attitude and purchase behaviour character.

PROSPECTA Individuals contains 654,610 MOSAIC areas before the 34,251 traditional census sections.