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DunTrade® Program

Unique and exclusive service of INFORMA that allows to know how the positive and negative payment behaviour of the clients of a company and constitutes an added value for companies' risk management.

DunTrade® Program is a unique and exclusive product based on an information interchange about the positive and negative payment behaviour of customers of the participating companies. It constitutes an added value for the companies risk management.

INFORMA D&B uses the information to include in the Database the payment experiences of the clients of the participating companies, statistically and without linking the client and the participating company, to improve the quality of the information provided in the market in its business reports.

The D&B WWN is being collaborating with million of participants in the United States and Europe for more than 26 years, sharing payment experiences for the benefit of the corporate community in general and of our clients in particular.

DunTrade ® allows its participants to know how they manage their live portfolio and how their customers do pay.

One of the benefits of INFORMA D&B participation in the DunTrade® program is the incorporation exclusively in Spain for all its business reports of the Paydex score for those companies with payment experiences.

The Paydex Score is a numerical indicator that measures up to 100 the payment performance. A business that normally pays its bills on time upon the agreed terms on the contract, would have a high Paydex Code and those that pay more slowly have would have a lower Paydex Code. For example, a Paydex 80 means that a company pays punctually its invoices; A Paydex 20 means that it makes its payments up to 120 days beyond terms and Paydex 100 means that pays its invoices in advance.

Payment information is derived from the experiences of current payments that feed databases from INFORMA D&B and other companies that make up the D&B WWN in the world thanks to DunTrade ® program.