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Online Reputation Reports

Online Reputation Reports are the best way to know what is being spoken about a company, brand or concept on the Internet. You could get to know instant information with more than 15 indicators of the presence of a company/brand in Internet and you could request the investigated report on any other company / brand, and compare it with other concurrent companies or carry out an annual service monitoring.

The Online Reputation Reports are formed by the following sections:

Internet Presence

The Internet Presence valuation is obtained through an automatic research process among more than 130 million websites (blogs, forums, websites, news portals, twitter, etc.), so as to find and classify the possible mentions to the company. After the mentions identification a semantic analysis process is carried out in which all mentions are analysed to determine their polarity (if they are positive, negative or neutral). As a combination of both processes an Overall Valuation is provided on the online presence of a company or search term.

Apart of the internet presence of the brand / company there are also offered the main terms with which the brand is most related and the places of those mentions.

Social Network Analysis

The activity of the brand/company in social networks is analysed: Twitter, Facebook and Google+. According to this activity, the number of followers and those that interact with the social networks of the brand a Social Networks influence degree is offered; it may rank from a company with no influence in social networks to one with a maximum influence degree.

The topics and terms on which the company is more active in Social Network and those profiles in Social Networks that are most influential for those companies. This way social interactions can be created with those so as to support the brand/company.

Position in Search engines (SEO)

The natural or organic positioning on the Internet, also named SEO (for its acronym Search Engine Optimization), is a set of techniques used to maximize the visibility of a website in search engines, either by position in search results, for quantity of effective visits to the website or for its its inclusion in third parties websites that do also appear in Google results.

Reputation Online Reports En

Online Reputation Annual Service

The Online Reputation Annual Service is a service that updates the Online Reputation Reports at regular intervals over 12 months; it is the best way to be up to date of the Online Reputation of a company. With the Annual Service you would obtain:

  • - Monthly Investigated Report or Updated Comparative Report.
  • - Inter-monthly variations of the Online Reputation indicators to see the tendencies.
  • - Annual Evolution Graphs of the main indicators.