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Contracting policy


Awarding procedures and ways

INFORMA D&B S.A. (S.M.E.) (hereinafter INFORMA) is a sociedad anónima, whose major shareholder (over 51% of its share capital) is CESCE - COMPAÑÍA ESPAÑOLA DE SEGUROS DE CREDITO A LA EXPORTACION S.A., Cía de Seguros y Reaseguros.

The Company has established on the mentioned legal basis some Internal Rules with a general and objective procedure for contracts awarding respecting the following principles:

  • The competition principle, which aims to ensure that all persons interested can participate in the awarding process of a contract by submitting an offer or proposal.
  • The publicity principle that requires that it is made available to any possible parties interested in the call for the awarding procedure.
  • The confidentiality principle that requires that the award applies higher discretion and prudence criteria with the required advertising not violating the interests of the successful bidder.

In addition to these principles others apply, such as transparency, equal treatment and non-discrimination. All contracting information of the Company are daily updated on the website of the Company.


In order to ensure transparency on the contracting activity and public access to information and without detriment of other advertising media voluntarily decided INFORMA D&B is spreading its Contractor Profile:

  1. in the webpage of the Company.
  2. The contracting advertisements that it could eventually perform and the awarding thereof.

These are Profile Contact points:

  • Telephone +34 91 661 71 19
  • Fax +34 91 661 36 99

Public Tenders

There are no active Public Tenders

Public Tenders Adjudications

There are no Public Tenders awarded.

If you want to know the "Internal procedure rules applicable to contracts awarding" click here.
In case you have any doubt do not hesitate to contact with our Customer Service at the telephone +34 902 178 078 or at the fax +34 91 661 90 60 or