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Created in 1992, INFORMA D&B has become an undisputed leader in business information sale for companies, helping its clients to take commercial decisions, in the search of prospects and in their clients, prospects and suppliers portfolios management.

In 2006 INFORMA carried the merger by absorption of Dun & Bradstreet Servicios de Información, changing its name into INFORMA D&B and putting an end to the process that began in 2004, when it acquired Dun & Bradstreet's business in Spain and Portugal.

Main milestones in the history of INFORMA:

  • 13 March 1992: INFORMA is created with 18 employees.
  • 1994: The business activity of INFORMA begins with the massive data load of balance sheets.
  • 1996: The first European company and second in the world in commercialise business and financial information in internet.
  • 1997: INFORMA purchases CTI Tecnología y Gestión.
  • 1998: INFORMA and Experian constitute the company Experian Bureau de Crédito.
  • 2000: eInforma constitution to commercialise business and financial information exclusively through Internet. Obtained ISO 9002 quality certificate.
  • 2001 - 2002: South America expansion: Informa Peru, Informa Colombia and Informa Venezuela.
  • 2003: Predictive Scoring and Board Members Monitoring are launched to the market. Obtained ISO 9001:2000.
  • 2004 - 2006: INFORMA takes over Dun&Bradstreet in Spain and Portugal turning into INFORMA D&B S.A., and as member, entering in the D&B Worldwide Network, which allow us to offer information everywhere in the world. After the merge Prospecta, Marketing database is created with the aim of making a qualitative and quantitative difference in the marketing world.
  • 2006: Commercialisation of D&B Added Value products as Portfolio Manager, Market Insight, etc.
  • 2009: Takeover of eInforma, confirming INFORMA D&B as leader company of the sector with sales superior to 56 million euros.
  • 2010: INFORMA acquires DBK, leader company in sectors analysis consolidating thus its leadership in the Business Information market. INFORMA D&B, first company in the sector in offering Financial Information in XBRL.
  • 2011: INFORMA acquires 51% of Logalty, company specialized in communications, contracting and electronic publishing, acting as a trusted third party.
  • 2012: Obtaining of the AENOR Environmental Certificate (UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004) and launching of their new latest generation websites and
  • 2013: Launching of Informa Premier.
  • 2014: INFORMA Releases its New Strategic Reports and Online Reputation Reports. It is included in the Best Workplaces 2014 list , which means that it is one of the 50 best companies to work for in Spain.
  • 2015: Launching of Individuals Non-Payments Report”, with access to “InfoDeuda”: the first default of payments file on individuals for the use of sole proprietorships ans SMEs. INFORMA D&B is included in the Best Workplaces list again. INFORMA takes over DBK, the first spanish company specialized in the elaboration of concurrence and sectorial analysis studies.
  • 2016: Launching of the Linkages Application and Mobile App. Under the Public Sector’s Legal System, Law 40/2015 dated 1st October, INFORMA D&B transforms into state-owned trading company: SME (for its acronym in Spanish), evolving its registered name to: Informa D&B S.A.(S.M.E.).
  • 2018: INFORMA absorbed the participated business OneRate Consulting, company specialised in advanced consulting projects and risk management software development.