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Companies Valuation

A Valuation of Companies is a service that provides a quantitative value to a company according to a series of economic and sectorial objective criteria

Get to know the value of companies

With the Valuation of companies you could know how much does your company or any other you are interested in worth. It is appropriate for purchase and sale operations, mergers, capital enlargement or reduction, transmissions, shareholding restructuring or simply for those persons wishing to know the value of a company in a quick and easy way without having to do a great investment.

In the current economic situation:

  • Do you know how much does your company worth?
  • And how much would an investor pay for it?
  • Could you request a valuation on any company?

Thanks to the agreement reached between INFORMA and Faqtum, the greater supplier of valuation of companies services in Europe, you could easily request a valuation of a company and getting to know this way their value in the market and how much would an investor pay for it.

The valuation of companies method that INFORMA and Faqtum offer you is supported in an investment theory based in the current value of the future allocatable benefits and the residual value at the end of the projected period.