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Orbis is a financial information database, in a standardized format that makes it comparable, on more than 280 million companies worldwide (including bank and insurance companies).

It could be used to investigate specific companies, search companies with a specific profile and create your own analysis. Besides, it has a new interface which makes its use quick and easy.

What information does Orbis contain?

  • Information of the company as well Western as Oriental Europe, with an approach focused in private companies information.
  • Financial reports of the company in a standard format so that you could compare companies in different countries.
  • Financial soundness indicators.
  • Option to create your own ratios.
  • Managers and contacts.
  • Images of the report and accounts of quoted companies.
  • Shares prices of quoted companies.
  • Detail of corporate structures.
  • Market research.
  • News related to the company.
  • Geo-positioning in maps.

How does Orbis help you?

Orbis is easy to use and helps you manage information in a quick and easy way:

  • Search by hundred of criteria (you may research by trend).
  • Create analysis with information from different companies useng the standard financial template.
  • Carries out a detailed financial analysis of a company (it may also include complementary information, news and market research).
  • Access the original files with the scanned images library.
  • Illustrate finances creating graphs in an easy way.
  • Obtain a quick view of the financial strength of a company.
  • Know how companies distribute geographically by using map analysis.
  • Monitor companies with the alert system.
  • Consult the corporate structure of companies and find companies with the same parent.
  • Find out more about your prospects and enrich your CRM system.

Orbis Coverage

Orbis includes information from:

  • 103 million companies in Europe.
  • 55 million companies in Noth America.
  • 39 million companies for South and Central America.
  • 76 million companies for Asia and Oceania.
  • 5,5 million companies in Africa.