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eMail marketing

eMail marketing

We do make your marketing e-mail campaigns on a highly qualified permission marketing e-mail database of more than 35 million registers in Spain, that fulfils business and electronic publicity laws.

Which are the benefits of making an e-mail Marketing campaign?

  • E-mail marketing is the most efficient way to maintain communication with the client.
  • It increases the web traffic generating more sales and for that reason increasing income.
  • It allows an exact monitoring of your campaigns and easily study the results and improving effectiveness.

Which are the benefits of making an e-mail Marketing campaign?

Which are the benefits of Email Marketing?

Some of the benefits of using E-mail Marketing are:

  • Inexpensive: E-mail Marketing campaigns are inexpensive in comparison with other communication channels.
  • Effectiveness: unlike other channels, this one has a larger efficiency percentage, being up to 40 times more powerful than the social networks.
  • Customisation: it allows you to create adequate messages to the public to which they are oriented.
  • Measuring: another great advantage of this channel is the measuring data, offering real-time information.

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