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Global Reference Solutions

Global Reference Solutions

With GRS, the marketing flat rate ,you access permanently to a universe of more than 7 million companies and sole proprietorships in Spain and more than 300 million at a global level. Consult at any moment the information you are more interested in.

GRS is a new contracting formula for INFORMA D&B's marketing services: FLAT RATE!

GRS different contracting profiles would allow you to choose the option that best adapt to the needs of your business with absolute payment flexibility.

Contracting the GRS Flat Rate you could search companies and managers at a national and international level, get to know corporate bonds known between different companies, regardless of what country they are and extract your own marketing files by combining more than 50 segmentation criteria.

Do you want to know GRS for free? Now you can!

GRS Free Live Search is updated daily and will allow you to carry out counts of companies worldwide by combining more than 50 segmentation criteria.

Just follow the following steps and get your password today!

  1. Enter the following link*: https://solutions.dnb.com/grs/ and select “Spain” in the drop down menu.
  2. Register for Free Live Search. You will find this line in the central part of your screen, just below the Log On button.
  3. Fill in the form… and that´s it!

*GRS is optimised for Internet Explorer 8 to Internet Explorer 11 and Google Chrome v37 onwards.

Discover how GRS can help you to improve your results

Customise your researches

With more than 25 segmentation criteria available at GRS it would allow you to customise your researches tpo adapt the completely to your needs. Besides, you could exclude your own clients from the researches so that all registers in the database will mean a real sale opportunity.

Check the results

Have you ever got a database that did not fulfil your expectations?

With GRS you could see the information before proceeding to download the data, so you are always aware of the information included in your lists, with GRS you can make as many counts as you need to get the exact profile you're looking for.

Analize distribution

You could analyse the segmentation through a double entry matrix and know in detail how the total registers distribute before downloading the database.

Get to know the Family Tree of your clients, suppliers or prospects

You can consult and export the family tree of any business group in more than 200 countries all throughout the world.

Discover how GRS can help you to improve your results

We want to help you take the best decisions, and thus we have a wide range of Solutions depending on your needs.

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