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Market Insight

Market Insight

Analytical research. Standardize your client portfolio and obtain a prospects list based in the analysis of your portfolio.

Analysis and update of a client portfolio

A team of specialists would standardize your current client portfolio in order to erase possible duplicates, identify inactive companies and qualify it with the latest information available in the database (DUNS number, CIF number, address, telephone, contact person, etc.. including our exclusive high-risk indicator).

Get to know how your customer portfolio distributes by activity sector and different size variables (employees, sales volume...).

Analysis and update of a client portfolio

Potential market penetration analysis

Know your current penetration level depending on the most representative variables of your client portfolio. Identify in which segments you have more presence and know the available prospects volume on each of them.

Contrast your presence in a statistical way, as well as prospects availability, all throughout the Spanish market, or on a customised comparison universe (provinces, activity sectors, sales volume, etc).

Prospects selection

The previous analysis of your customer portfolio allows to obtain a clear profile of your client type by creating a statistical model with the correlation of all representative variables of your current customer portfolio.

Applying this model to the potential market, you would get a prospects list of the chosen size, arranged from 1 to n, so that your sales agents may contact them in order of those prospects most likely to contract.

The prospects list would contain all the updated contact information from the database of INFORMA D&B.

In addition to the usual contact data, you would receive a High Risk indicator for those prospects qualified by INFORMA D&B as Low Solvency; and may be requested their exclusion from the final prospects list.

Extracting essential insights for your business


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