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SABI Marketing

SABI Marketing

You could consult and analyse the general information and annual accounts of  more than 3 million companies in Spain and Portugal, to carry out marketing campaigns, market researches, prospects, etc

SABI Marketing is the most flexible and powerful software of the market with a general information of more than 2.5 million Spanish companies and 800,000 Portuguese businesses

It has the following information modules:

Business Module

Including recently constituted companies that do not file their accounts, banks and financial entities, insurance companies, public administrations and cooperatives and joint properties.

Contacts Module

Professional relation of the different executives of a company in other businesses.

Sectorial Reports Module

Access to the 117 Sectorial Context Reports of DBK (brand of INFORMA leader in the realisation of Sectorial and Consurrence Studies) and to more than 3,600 Sectorial Reports at a worldwide level of Marketline (ancient Datamonitor).

News Module

Acces to news related to the businesses. More than 200 national, international and specialised press sources.


Marketing Databases

Access to a powerful tool to find marketing solutions for your company.


Prospecta and Visit

Commercial leads generation for your commercial network


Global Reference Solution

International tool to carry out online segmentations and counts of companies throughout the world.

Extracting essential insights for your business


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