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Individuals' Non-payments

Individuals Non-Payments Reports have information from Infodeuda, the first default of payments list on individuals for the use of SMEs and sole proprietorships. An exclusive file for clients of Informa D&B

InfoDeuda's Defaulters List

How do I know if a future tenant has debts? How do I know if a sole proprietorship or individual is included in a defaulters' list? If you request an individuals' report, you will be able to know if a client or potential client has any payments due.

If you are doing business with a sole proprietorship or an individual and you need to know if it is listed in a defaulters' list, you can check the Individuals Non-Payments Report to see if that person does indeed appear in the defaulters' list from InfoDeuda.

The information included in the Individuals Non-Payments Report is obtained from the defaulters' list of InfoDeuda, a defaults of payment file managed by EXPERIAN BUREAU DE CRÉDITO, S.A., with more than 1.2 million registers of individuals and a total unpaid debt balance of more than 1,700 million €.


What do Individuals non-payments reports contain?

If the NIF/NIE you looked up is included in the defaulters' list and has associated debts or unpaid operations, you will be able to obtain a comprehensive overview in the report, where you will also find an identification section and the details of the non-payments:

  • Operation code
  • Product from which the non-payment is derived
  • Type of participant (holder, guarantor, other)
  • Number of non-payments (when available)
  • Amount of the non-payment
  • Date of the first non-payment
  • Date of the last non-payment
  • Situation
  • Detail of the evolution of the non-payment

You will also find a graphic representation of non-payments and the distribution of the paid amounts and the number of unpaid operations by type of situation.

In case no debts are associated to a consulted NIF/NIE you would obtain the verification that there are no unpaid operations registered in the defaulters' list at the date and time of the consultation

See an Individuals' Reports demo

You can check our demo to verify that all this information is included in our individuals non-payments reports:

Individuals' Reports Demo

You will be able to see how the information about the non-payments of an individual is arranged within InfoDeuda's file, an exclusive list by Informa. It is a simple but complete file that includes the information of the person you want to know about.

What do Individuals non-payments reports contain?

What to do if I am included in InfoDeuda's file

If you are included in InfoDeuda's list, you will be able to check the data in order to verify how did you get included in it. By checking the list, you will be able to learn:

  • Who included you
  • What is the amount being claimed
  • Which entity has requested your inclusion
  • Inscription date
  • Who has checked your non-payments data

With this information, you will be able to request the withdrawal of your name from the list if you meet these requirements:

  • If you have already liquidated a debt but still appear in the file

If you have been included in the file for more than 6 years

  • You were not informed by letter
  • The amount due is wrong or unreal
  • Debt cannot be proved
  • Debt is not owed by you

In any of these circumstances, you will be able to request the withdrawal of your information from Infodeuda.

Access now to the Individuals non-payments reports to know your status or the status of any other individual. Avoid risks in your business operations with InfoDeuda

What to do if I am included in InfoDeuda

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