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Individuals' Non-payments

The Reports on Individuals, is the first and only open report with information on individuals' non-payments.

How do I know if a future tenant has debts? How do I know if a sole proprietorship or individual is included in a defaulters' list?

If you are doing business with a sole proprietorship or an individual and you need to know if it is listed in a defaulters' list. You can consult the Individuals Non-Payments Report and check if the sole proprietorship is included in the InfoDeuda defaulters' list.

The information contained in the Individuals Non-Payments Report is obtained from InfoDeuda's Defaulters List. A defaults of payment file managed by EXPERIAN BUREAU DE CRÉDITO, S.A., with more than 1,2 million registers of individuals and a total unpaid debt balance of more than 1,700 million €.

What does the Individuals Non-Payments Report contain?

If the consulted nif/nie is included in the defaulter's list and has associated debts or unpaid operations in the file you would get:

- Identification section
- Summary 
- Non-Payment details

  • Operation code
  • Product from which the non-payment is derived
  • Type of participant (holder, guarantor, other)
  • Nuber of non-payments (when available)
  • Amount of the non-payment
  • Date of the first non-payment
  • Date of the last non-payment
  • Situation
  • Detail of the evolution of the non-payment

-Distribution of the unpaid amounts and the number of unpaid operations by situation

- Graphic representation of the non-payments

In case no debts are associated to a consulted NIF/NIE you would obtain the verification that there are no unpaid operations registered in the defaulters' list at the date and time of the consultation

What does the Individuals Non-Payments Report contain?

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