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Sectorial Report

INFORMA D&B's Online Sectorial Report provides a quick and comprehensive overview of the situation of a sector and its evolution in the last few years.

Selecting the NACE code that you want you will know the characteristics of the sector, main economic magnitudes, geographic segmentation, by size and international, the top five companies in the sector, balance sheet data, profit and loss account and results analysis, working capital analysis and sector ratios. From the NACE activity you would know the main commercial and economic characteristics of the sector:

  • Main Economic Magnitudes of the Sector, provides the main magnitudes, averages and evolution of the last few years for the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account of the Activity Sector.
  • Sector Segmentation by size, geographic distribution and international companies in the sector.
  • Top 5 Companies of the Sector: a sector analysis requires to observe the situation of companies on it, for that you have the top 5 companies in the sector.
  • Financial Statements of the Sector: detail of the average values of the sector financial statements: Sector Average Balance Sheet, Working Capital Analysis and Sector Average Results Account.
  • Situation Analysis: thanks to the Sector Average Financial Ratios, to the Results analysis and the margin - turnover analysis graph it is possible to understand the economic situation of the sector and develop the best marketing strategy for it.

In addition, INFORMA D&B offers the Sectorial Risk Report, with the commercial and financial risk presented by the industry and a wide range of Sector Analysis with which you can deepen the understanding of a specific sector.