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Companies API

Companies API

Integrate business information in your systems.

Access to the information through the Companies API

Companies API is a service for our database to access business data. Through this service you could integrate our information in your systems, consult only the specific data you need and develop your own applications with advanced functionalities as:

  • Integrate businesses' contact information in your own CRM and ERP systems.
  • Develop your own applications including businesses data validation within one of the processes.
  • Improving the conversion rate of registration forms, and avoiding misinformation by autocompleting the information provided by the user.
  • Developing an integrated system with your own look and feel.
  • Verifying customers' credentials.

How does INFORMA's Companies API operate?

Register in the API Service and you could make HTTP calls to the API Service by NIF or Registered Name and we would return a JSON data structure with the business fields you need.
Access to the information through the Companies API

Get to know our international data integration toolkit (DIT)

To guarantee the greatest efficiency in decision making Informa D&B offers the Data Integration Service (DIT, Data Integration Toolkit), a tool that allows you to integrate data packets with the information you need to feed quickly and easily the working systems in your company.

The Data Integration Service would increase the speed, accuracy and consistency of your decision-making processes, giving your company a competitive advantage over the competition:

  • Integration with your company own systems: CRM, ERP, etc.
  • Monitoring Module, notifying changes in your portfolio that would always be updated.
  • Information presented in data packages designed for an easy integration with your systems.

Besides, Informa DB offer you a data integration system based on JSON/XML technology that would enable your company to store solvency information of your customers in your systems, carry out credit granting calculations and / or scoring, matching data from INFORMA with that from your internal applications, show to your users only the data they need to save time in making decisions and many more advantages.

Data integration service on CRM systems

The Customer Relationship Management systems or CRMs are designed to improve our customers satisfaction and loyalty.

Those systems do make the market segmentation easier and help to enhance efficiency in the companies marketing strategies to improve its relation with its customers.

For that reason, the data integration service is necessary to support the CRM processes being a vital part to optimise any CRM process, helping to improve the project's accuracy.

Data integration service on ERP systems

The ERP systems are created to try to improve and optimise the resources of a company. Those programs operate in accounting, sales, supply chain, human resources, etc.

The integration service offered by Informa would help you to complete your ERP system to improve accuracy and velocity in all those resources managed from your business resources system and that would provide you with some advantages before your concurrence.
Get to know our international data integration toolkit (DIT)

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