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Mercantile Register

Mercantile Register

Avoid paperwork and request online through Informa D&B the documents you need from the Mercantile Register.

Mercantile Register available services

Filed Accounts

Filed accounts allow you to obtain a copy of the annual accounts filed by the requested company.
Filed accounts are formed by the situation balance sheet, the profit and loss account, the annual financial report, the management report and the audit report (if applicable).

Simple report

You could obtain a register report (detailed photocopy of the original one filed in the register) of any inscription made by a company since its constitution.

Business name certificate

With this service INFORMA helps you to obtain the necessary certificate to register a new company with the chosen name in the Central Mercantile Register.
You can request up to three names, by priority order, the first that can be reserved will be the name referred in the certificate.
This certificate reserves the new legal name for 15 months. In case you want to constitute a company, the certification has no validity before a notary once more than two months have elapsed from its request to the Central Mercantile Register.

Business name certificate renewal

We do help you to renew a business name certificate.

Mercantile Register available services

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