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Business Linkages

Business Linkages

INFORMA's Linkages Application is the new way of discovering businesses’ shareholding linkages.

Through INFORMA's Linkages Application you can access to the largest shareholders and participations database in Spain: Informa D&B's database, with more than 3.2 million national and international linkages.

Interactive Navigation

Interactive Navigation with the most advanced Visual Data technology, which provides a greater information discovery, analysis and diagnosis capacity.

For just 1.4 units

For just 1.4 units you can access INFORMA's Linkages Application and browse through a company's family tree displaying up to 100 linkages.

Inclusion of risk information

You can complete the business tree with the risk information of each company (1.4 additional units). You would see in a graph if a company has high, average or low risk.

Customise the application

Customise INFORMA's Linkages Application by configuring the corporate tree just with the information you need.
Filter by link types (shareholders or participations), by their percentage, visualise in tree or table format and export to Excel or PDF depending on your needs.

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