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OneRate Consulting

OneRate Consulting

OneRate Consulting is INFORMA’s Consulting Services division specialised in credit-risk management advanced solutions for companies.

The business credit management solution

With OneRate you could carry out receivable accounts and credit insurance advanced management in a solution that adapts to the needs of each company.

What do we do?

We do integrate all credit stages in one app with internal information of your company and risk management, behaviour and monitoring market information .

The business credit management solution

What would you obtain with our OneRate service?

Web application with a private and confidential access for the company that does not need any software installation and with which you could :

  • Reduce the average collection period .
  • Prevent future non-payment risks .
  • Control portfolio exposure risk .
  • Standardise disperse processes .
  • Ease management control.

What would you obtain with our OneRate service?

Cover all credit stages with OneRate’s solution

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What could you do?

  • Consult the main activity indicators on a company and its customers.
  • Manage collections.
  • Carry out credit requests to insurance companies.
  • Manage insurance communications and policies.
  • Receive all credit management alerts in a single platform.
What could you do?

Consulting Service

Our experts would be at your disposal during the whole process. They would be in charge of:

  • Analise the risk management process of your company and optimise it.
  • An easy rapid implementation.
  • Adapt OneRate’s platform with the adhoc functionalities needed.
Consulting Service

Extracting essential insights for your business


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