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General Management

General Management

The General Management of a company makes the most relevant decisions. It is responsible for optimal resource management within the company so as to reach the established goals. INFORMA offers General Managers a range of business tools in order to help them make decisions in different fields.

Company's strategic overview

In order to be able to have a strategic overview, it is essential for senior management to have access to accurate and reliable information at the right time, both from the company and its surroundings.

Informa's Strategic Report is a tool specially designed not only for financial directors but for any directors in a company. It is the shortest report but also the most complete, since you can grasp all the relevant information from a company at a glance, including a financial analysis, its strengths and weaknesses, RAI, EBE and payment experiences, Informa's Rating, Sector Rating, etc.

Control client's portfolios

The information in a client portfolio can be very useful, not only regarding the client but also regarding market behaviour trends, niches and opportunities, etc.

A tool like Informanager is key in the design of a company's growth strategy. It is essential to provide the financial area with the best information at the right time so they can take better and quicker decisions, and that is exactly what Informanager does. 

  • By carrying out a multivariate analysis of the debt distribution and situation. 
  • By evaluating business credit decisions requests. 
  • By offering access to exclusive information that was not accessible before. 
  • By helping you reduce your clients’ debt through the analysis of their payment behaviour. 
  • By using your information and the information of the national business information leader to give you a perfect global perspective.

Control client


Know the solutions for general management



Reduce risks in decision making thanks to the reports with more information in the market.



The most advanced tool to minimise the business risk of your clients in all the phases of the business cycle.


DBK Sectors Analysis

Informa's Sectorial Observatory DBK carries out a continuous surveillance of approx. 600 Spanish and Portuguese sectors

We want to help you take the best decisions, and thus we have a wide range of Solutions depending on your needs.

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Learn about your competition and sector

This is one of the key factors for companies in order to develop an effective sales strategy and reach success. Informa offers several options that can help you, one of them being Leanus Informa, an online Business Intelligence solution with which you can analyse your competition in a quick, easy and affordable way.

With our brand DBK, you can access the widest Sectorial Information offer in the market. We do publish around 300 in-depth reports and 1,000 sectorial information situation cards per year that you can quickly find by searching by CNAE, sector name or company name
Learn about your competition and sector