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Modular Products

Modular Products

If you do not need a complete report and you just want to see a specific part of the information about a company, such as: administrators, legal actions, mentions in press articles or payment behaviour; you can visit Informa's Modular Products, the most economical way to access business information.

Types of modular products

Please check here all the modular reports that you may need:

Payment behaviour

Payment Behaviour is a product that offers all the risk and payment information of Informa. The Payment Behaviour is a modular product that contains:

  • Rating
  • Legal Actions
  • Payment Behaviour (Paydex)
  • Deferred Payments to Suppliers
  • Payment ratios: (Average payment delay, Average Collection Period and Immediate liquidity)
  • R.A.I.
  • Experian Bureau Empresarial Bank and Multi - sectorial Defaults of Payment
Credit assessment

This modular product shows all Informa's Rating information, including the following sections: Rating Informa, Credit Opinion, Rating Evolution, Payment behaviour Paydex, Financial situation, Maturities, Informa's Rating explanation, Reasons for the latest relevant note calculations and optional access to RAI and Experian Bureau Empresarial, Bank and Multi - sectorial Defaults of Payment

B.O.R.M.E. Acts

A chronological list of all the acts published for the company, every act would be shown with its corresponding head that includes the type of act, the publication date, the number of announcement and the Mercantile Register. Access to all acts details and downloading of the original BORME (Official Gazette of the Mercantile Register) images where those acts were published.


This modular product shows a list of all the administrators of the company organized by priority position and appointment and cessation dates. The source from which this information was obtained would be also presented with access to the image of the official gazette.

Press Articles

The chronological press articles list on the company indicating the date, newspaper or publication source. You could consult a summary of the handled piece of news and access to it as if you were on a digital press media.

Legal Information

It shows a list with all the ongoing legal actions and administrative claims. With detailed access to each event. It also includes a panel with those incidences by which it is affected.

Shareholders and holdings

This modular report shows all the current and historic shareholders and participations, mentioning the registered name, CIF or country (in case it is an international company) ordered by importance, shareholding percentage, source and information date.

Filed Accounts

All available balance sheets chronologically ordered indicating closing date, if there are individual or consolidated filed accounts, the information source, and download access to the Filed accounts from which the information was extracted (original image or PDF).

Financial Analysis

The Financial Analysis offers comparative financial information from the last 3 years: including information on the financial statements, the results analytical account and compared financial ratios.

Sectorial Analysis

If you request this modular product, it shows the most important financial information amounts of the company compared with its sector, taking into account its CNAE activity and its sales volume. Of the financial ratios it is offered the quartile distribution of the sector (percentiles 25, 50 and 75).

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