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Strategic Report

Strategic Report

The ideal report for the senior management. An infographic report with all the key information to get to know a company

Information on the Companies' Strategic Report

The Strategic report offers key information on any consulted company. It is valuable information for users looking to establish a commercial relation with a specific client and that want to obtain as much information as possible to establish a business strategy.

The most compact and complete report: It includes all relevant information on a company, including strengths, weaknesses and financial analysis, RAI, EBE Defaults of Payment, ICIRED, RIJ  and Paydex information, payment experiences, Informa's Ratings, Sectorial Risk Rating...

The ideal report for the senior management: not only oriented to the Financial Department but to all those managers involved in making a strategic decision in a company.

Infographic-report with all the key information to get to know a company and presented in a visual, schematic way with clear graphs.

Information on the Companies

Characteristics of the Strategic Report

INFORMA's Strategic Report contains the following business information:

  • Main Business Risk Information: Rating, Liquidity Score, etc.
  • RAI, Experian Bureau Empresarial, ICIRED and RIJ.
  • Main Business and Financial Information
  • Employees, sales and Rating evolution
  • Sectorial Risk Information
  • Corporate Structure
  • Judicial Information (claims and incidences)
  • Financial Positioning and main Ratios of the balance sheet
  • Explanation of the highlights of the Report

Characteristics of the Strategic Report

Advantages of the Strategic report

The main advantage of this type of report is that it has essential business information completely updated on the consulted company. Besides, you could also get to know the situation of the company and, thus, minimise risks.

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