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Geomarketing is the use of technologies to locate data in maps in order to analyse client, suppliers and competitors’ portfolios inside the ecosystem of your business. This allows you to detect more profitable zones to optimize your new client acquisition and client retention actions. Seeing the behaviour of your business in a map will give you a clear and immediate picture of where you must act.

The Geomarketing Solution inAtlas Informa

The Geomarketing solution inAtlas Informa combines advanced Location Analytics and data visualization technology to gather portfolio enrichment tools, the search of potential mirror clients, segmentation and market studies in just one online web application, all based in territorial consultations about 3.2 million companies and active freelancers and 46 million consumers in Spain.

It offers micro-scale analysis tools by areas of influence around specific places, through the drawing of geometric shapes (polygons, circles, rectangles) and areas calculated in distance-time.

It allows the customising of client menus, sale points, and the total integration with your CRM to constantly update your data in relation to all businesses in Spain. It expedites the discovery of opportunity areas to run commercial campaigns and expansion strategies. It offers the possibility to make fast searches in maps about all the information in order to download it.

Locate B2B customers

You will have Informa D&B's Economic Activities Database (All Spanish companies and individual businessmen, with their head offices and branches), which can be filtered by geographical area, activity sector, number of employees and sales volume, among others. Once the list of companies eligible for client acquisition campaigns is ready, you will be able to download it in excel format, with the following micro-data:

  • Registered Name
  • Address
  • Executive positions
  • Contact telephone number besides the enriched information of the fields used in its segmentation.
  • Activity code (CNAE)
  • Sales volume
  • Sales volume year-on-year variation
  • Number of employees
  • Risk Index
  • Company and office type
  • Import-export
  • Debt level
  • Net exercise result
  • Working capital
  • Liquidity ratio
  • Name and country of the parent company

Finding consumer profiles

The Geomarketing Solution offers you the possibility to check or download data from a complete database of socio-demographic profiles at different geographical scales, from Census Sections, Zip codes, Towns, Provinces or Autonomous Communities.

The consumer map will visually guide you about the concentrations of your potential market. Available data:

  • Total population
  • Distribution by age and gender
  • Educational level.
  • Resident foreign population ratio
  • Average income per household
  • Population's spending power, in general and divided in 12 categories of consumption goods.
  • Number of workers

By knowing the position of your portfolio clients, you can enrich your own database with information like income and consumption profiles, which will help you find mirror areas in the rest of the territory.

Try the largest Spanish households' database, with classifications based on their estimated income and you will get to know the income value of more than 20 million building units, at floor and door level, with annual updating and in strict compliance with data protection laws.

Optimal places to expand

Based on the application of certain conditions for the profitability of new sale points, you will be able to immediately detect which places match those conditions. Through the use of filters, you will be able to select the characteristics you want for companies and/or inhabitants, and the Geomarketing Solution will give you a heat map that will serve as a guide for the search of places in order to design expansion strategies.

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