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The Iberian Balance sheet Analysis System (SABI) is a tool that provides you balance sheets information of more than 2.7 million domestic and more than 800,000 Portuguese companies.

What is SABI and what is it for?

SABI (Iberian Balance sheet Analysis System) is a unique web tool developed by INFORMA D&B in collaboration with Bureau Van Dijk, which lets you handle in a quick and easy way general information and annual accounts of over 2.7 million Spanish companies and more than 800,000 Portuguese ones.

SABI is an essential tool for financial analysis and strategic marketing, it is defined by its extensive coverage, the standardization of financial statements, the easy software operating and the flexibility to obtain and exploit information.

It is a tool that eases the strategic world load of every company; it serves as classified companies' searcher by a combination of balance sheet criteria with a historical record of more than 25 years to know the positioning of any company.

What is SABI and what is it for?

SABI Functions

SABI allows you to carry out different financial and credit functions, including:

  • Set up a permanent file of your customers and suppliers in order to track their financial progress according to the criteria you are interested in.
  • Make credit analyses adapted to each particular case.
  • Prepare periodic reports according to your own design.
  • Position a company with regard to its competitors.
  • Identify candidates for company acquisitions, mergers or associations.
  • Receive input for the development of internal rating provision.

The SABI software allows you to carry out some analysis that are necessary for users that need a good companies' balance sheet analysis system:

  • Find businesses or business groups using any criteria combination.
  • Visualise accounts in a standard format or in any format designed by the own user.
  • Export the information to the most popular software package (Excel, Dbase, Lotus...).
  • Perform a thorough analysis of the company or groups, with the possibility of incorporating variables or time periods chosen by the user.
  • Among the analysis options we offer: positioning of a company, a variable distribution in a group, analysis of similar groups.
  • The graphics illustrate each balance sheet, profit and loss account and countless comparisons types.

SABI versions

Currently SABI is presented in the following versions:

  • Regional SABI: with businesses in the area of ​​Spain that you are interested in.
  • National SABI: Spanish companies.
  • Full SABI: includes Spain and Portugal.

SABI versions

Other databases at an European and Worldwide level

If you need international options you can choose between: Amadeus (European scope) and Orbis (worldwide scope).

Amadeus is a database with all type of financial information on more than 24 million companies in Europe.

On the other hand, the Orbis tool offers financial information on more than 360 million companies throughout the world, as it is a database that offers valuable data on any company in the world.

We want to help you take the best decisions, and thus we have a wide range of Solutions depending on your needs.

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