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Our Company

Our Company

Informa D&B is the CESCE subsidiary leader in the supply of Commercial, Financial, Sectorial and Marketing Information on companies and businesses, in order to increase clients' and suppliers' knowledge and minimize business risk.

About us

INFORMA, a Smart Data Company


To create the best business information solutions and contents, making them accessible to anyone who needs them.


To support our customers' decision-making process by using the best and most innovative and reliable business information solutions.


  • Orientation to products and services innovation and quality.
  • Orientation to our clients satisfaction.
  • Make INFORMA a company committed to its environment.
  • Make INFORMA a company profitable throught efficiency.
  • Make INFORMA a place where people wish to work.

Our History


Our Group

INFORMA D&B is part of CESCE, reference group in the comprehensive management of commercial risk.

To be able to diversify its range of products and services, it participates directly in the following companies: C.T.I. Technology and Management, Logalty, Icired, Informa D&B Portugal and Informa Colombia.

Our Group


INFORMA D&B is not satisfied with offering the best online service but also wants to be near its clients; that is why it has a wide branch network all over Spain.