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Financial Report

Financial Report

The most comprehensive online business report that lets you know all the business, credit risk, trade, sectorial and financial information, including balance sheet, profit and loss account and other financial statements.

Information on the Financial Report

The Financial Report covers all business and the financial information needs of a company. It contains all the information of a Credit Report in addition to the information published on the filed accounts:

Information on the Financial Report

Characteristics of the Financial Report

INFORMA D&B's Financial Report contains the following information:

 Risk-Credit Information

Informa's Rating is a classification system of a business' solvency, it gives a business risk objective qualification and an opinion on the credit limit for that company.

Judicial and Default of Payments Information

To know all the claims and administrative and judicial decisions published in various official bulletins, as well as all non-payments registered in the main default of payment files of in Spain: RAI, Experian Bureau Empresarial, Bank and Multi - sectorial Defaults of Payment.

Dun-Trade® Program information

The Dun-Trade program is a unique and exclusive product of INFORMA that allows you to know the payment behaviour of the clients of a company and is an added value for companies' risk management.

From the information coming from participants it is elaborated the Paydex ® Score; a synthetic index which scores from 0 to 100 the payment behaviour of a company over the past 12 months.

Trade and Legal Information

Official information on the company published in the Official Gazette of the Mercantile Register (BORME), Official State Gazette, Provincials Gazettes and Press Releases. As well as its corporate structure: shareholders, holdings, directors and administrators.

Business Information

A vision of the company from the commercial point of view reflecting its activities, business operations or customers and suppliers.

Economic-Financial Information

The financial information filed every year by the company in the Mercantile Register: situation's balance sheet, profit and loss account, net worth changes status or EFE (Cash Flow Status). With the comparative and the sectoral analysis you could analyse the financial situation of the company within its business environment.

Characteristics of the Financial Report

Financial information available in this report

The financial information available in this report comes from official public sources and Filed Accounts published by companies, if we do not have the latest available information at the Mercantile Register, we could update the information to provide you the Financial Report with the updated accounts or offering you the Investigated Report with the information you need verified by our team of financial risk analysts.

Financial information available in this report

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