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We want to help you take the best decisions, and thus we have a wide range of Business Reports depending on your needs.

Spanish companies Reports

Strategic Report

The most compact and complete report: It includes in just 4 sheets all relevant information on a company including a strengths, weaknesses and financial analysis, RAI, EBE and Paydex information, payment experiences, Informa's Ratings, Sectorial Risk Rating...

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Financial Report

The most complete model; you would get to know in depth all the details of a business, including full balance sheets, analysis ratios, etc.

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Credit Report

You can get all the information on the status of a business before beginning commercial relations with it.

More information about Credit Report.

Summarized Report.

For a quick vision of a sole proprietorship's or company's situation.

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Sole Proprietorship Report

With all available information on this type of legal persons.

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In case you do not need a Complete Report and you just want to consult a specific information section on a company as for example: administrators, legal actions, press releases or payment behaviour you can access directly to the Modular Products of Informa, the cheaper access to the business and economic information.

Investigated Report

In case you need additional information on a company or you prefer an specialist to research, enlarge and send the report needed, you need a complete and researched report that contains the Financial Report and further investigation blocks.

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Prejudicial report

It collects all the business, financial and registration information of the company or sole proprietorship object of the consultation. It is an investigated report which includes information about registered properties and net worth information of the company.

Sectorial Reports

INFORMA D&B's online Sectorial Report provides a quick and comprehensive overview of the situation of a sector and the developments that has had the last few years. You can also ask for DBK's Sector Reports for a complete overview, analysis and perspectives of the chosen sector.

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International Reports

Business Reports from around the World

As part of the D&B Worldwide Network, INFORMA D&B offers you exclusive access to the largest Database of Business, Financial and Marketing Information in the world: Online and Investigated Business Reports on more than 300 million companies all over the world.

Additional Information on International Business Reports

Country Risk Reports

If you need an accurate picture of the situation of a country that allows you to assess all the business opportunities offered, you have D&B Country Risk Reports.

Compliance Report

This is a report designed specifically to verify that the consulted company or its officials are not included in any list of sanctions to control money laundering, terrorism and other illegal activities.