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Spanish Companies Database

Spanish Companies Database

Informa D&B has turned into the larger businesses' database in the country and offers its users all the information they need on Spanish companies.

INFORMA's database history

Since its inception, the database of Informa D&B has been fed from multiple public and private information sources, as the Borme (Official Gazette of the Mercantile Register), Official Filed Accounts, BOE (Official State Gazette), Provincial and autonomous regions Official Gazettes, National and Regional Press, ad hoc Investigations and Several Publications. 

In addition, Informa D&B was the first European company in providing business and financial information over the Internet (15/09/96). It was also the first company in processing BORME, offering the product Executives linkages, introducing free Active Companies Monitoring and also was the 1st Spanish business and financial information database in obtaining the quality certificate AENOR, being currently ISO 9001 certificate. 


Information on our businesses' database

On this businesses database and after an exhaustive data collection and treatment process, Informa D&B can offer the most comprehensive National Business, Financial and Marketing Information Database with:

  • 7 million national economic agents.
  • 3.6 million companies and active sole proprietors with rating.
  • More than 17.6 million companies' balance sheets.
  • More than 16,5 million administrators and operational administrators.
  • More than 3.8 million companies with corporate links.

Besides, thanks to the latest Big Data technologies we have created a business searcher that provides quick access to all the database and allows simultaneous administrators, sole proprietorships and businesses searches.
Information on our businesses

Access to the largest businesses database in Spain

So as to access to our business database you just have to register from the Become client button. By filling in the necessary information and choosing the contracting way that best suits you and you would have access to the database to consult anything you need on companies in the country.
Access to the largest businesses database in Spain

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