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ESG information on Spanish companies

ESG information on Spanish companies

At INFORMA, we have been dealing with non-financial ESG information published in company filed accounts since 2018, and we have information on 98 indicators.

INFORMA's commitment

As part of our data quality commitment and within the Sustainable Development Goals Framework, at INFORMA, we collect and process ESG information on Spanish companies.

Thanks to our team with expertise in data collection and analysis from all available sources, you will have at your disposal a wide range of indicators on the three ESG aspects of companies: environmental, social and governance.

In addition, to find and extract ESG information, we have created our own taxonomy with which we collect information on this subject through the daily processing of almost a hundred press media on all formats and territorial areas.


ESG Indicators

Every year, INFORMA purchases and processes practically all the financial statements filed by Spanish companies. It is from this processing that we collect information on up to 98 different ESG indicators.

These indicators are divided in 8 categories:

  1. Business: 5 indicators (R&D&I investment policies, countries in which the company operates, etc...).
  2. Society: 5 indicators (number of complaints received, customer satisfaction level, etc.).
  3. Human rights: 6 indicators (implementation of a diversity plan, occupational safety actions, etc.).
  4. Corruption and bribery: 8 indicators (training on these issues, code of ethics and conduct, etc.).
  5. Environmental: 19 indicators (emissions of polluting gases, waste generation, etc.).
  6. Social issues: 19 indicators (net job creation, average wage gap, etc.).
  7. Governance: 14 indicators (audit committee, executive committee, etc...).
  8. Green Taxonomy: with indicators for financial, non-financial and insurance institutions.
ESG Indicators

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Additional information

Our ESG target

INFORMA aims to to become the best national ESG business information database. To achieve this, in addition to collecting information from all our data sources, we apply Artificial Intelligence techniques and natural language processing to make the most of the data, extracting structured and unstructured information.

If you are interested in ESG information at a peninsular level, INFORMA's DBK Sector Observatory monitors around 600 Spanish and Portuguese sectors.

In addition, within our work methodology, we use international reference frameworks (such as GRI, EMAS or SDGS), and the current regulations (Law 11/2018).

Our ESG target