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The most reliable and secure verifications.

Official sanctions' lists and criminal records verification

To maintain your reputation intact and fulfil with the verification required by the Law 10/2010, the entities bound have to filter through the sanctions lists, the identity of individuals and legal persons with which business relationships are to be established.

INFORMA offers screening solutions, that do check your suppliers, clients and partners with the most comprehensive Politically Exposed Persons and official sanctions lists so as to mitigate possible damages. Knowing who are we doing business with is essential.

So as to ease this task, Informa collaborated with Dow Jones, offering their Watchlist service that allows the verification of individuals or companies names with sanctions lists throughout the world, PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons), Families and close Business Associates and Particular Interest Persons (high-profile crimes).

That counterparts verification would be carried out by regularly checking your lists through batch processes. Those lists may be enriched with additional information (i.e. information on companies' administrators), depending on your needs.

Besides, INFORMA´s solution allows you to avoid false positives and has probative value, necessary in case the relevant authority, by any cause, initiated an investigation.

Quickly check on a simple way who you do business with.

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