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Global ESG solutions

Global ESG solutions

As we belong to the Dun&Bradstreet Worldwide Network, INFORMA offers you global ESG solutions, which will help you to know and manage the ESG performance of your suppliers’ and customer's chain, thus allowing you to improve your own performance in this field, which is directly affected by that of the companies with which you interact.

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Global ESG Solutions

D&B's global ESG solutions help you to understand the ESG performance of your suppliers’ and customers’ chain and to identify potential hidden ESG risks in your supply chain that may threaten your sustainability objectives.

With these solutions you will have:

  1. ESG rankings of more than 80 million companies worldwide and 2,1 million in Spain.
  2. Information on 31 ESG dimension rankings.
  3. ESG Scores calculated from international standards.
  4. ESG information from multiple sources:
    • Information from the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud.
    • Daily compilation of millions of global news.
    • Company reports: financial reports, annual reports, CSR, website reports...
    • Information on certifications: ISO, environmental...
    • Own ESG assessments.

    Benefits of global ESG solutions

    1. You will find the connections between ESG ratings and your suppliers’ and customers’ chain performance.
    2. Increase your knowledge to improve and strengthen ESG objectives and policies.
    3. Access third-party ESG data that is not officially reported and hard to know.
    4. Easily quantify and assess ESG risk in your supplier and customer network.
Global ESG Solutions

D&B ESG Ranking

The D&B ESG Ranking ranks companies based on their ESG performance, measured from all data collected on ESG factors, being 1 the best and 5 the worst result.

This ranking collects information on:


What do you get with the D&B ESG Ranking?

  1. Know the ESG performance of your suppliers’ and customers’ chain.
  2. Be able to make better investment, supplier and customer onboarding decisions.
  3. Improve your own business performance, as models have shown a strong correlation between good ESG performance and a company's growth potential.

How can I consult the D&B ESG Ranking information?

You can access the ESG Ranking on more than 80 million companies worldwide and 2,1 million in Spain to find out their commitment of your customers and suppliers through:

  1. D&B Risk Analytics ESG:
  2. A platform that allows you to deepen into your ESG knowledge of your suppliers’ and customers’ chain.

  4. ESG Rankings and all the data from the ESG assessments of your suppliers’ and customers’ chain integrated via API in your systems.

  5. Batch Processes:
  6. ESG Rankings and ESG assessment data sent in a batch .csv file.

D&B Risk Analytics ESG

This tool allows you to manage the ESG performance of your suppliers’ and customers’ chain in greater depth and detail.

By a self-assessment survey, your suppliers and customers will provide information that is consolidated with the information from D&B ESG rankings, so that you have a complete overview of their ESG situation and performance.

What will you obtain?

  1. Access to a complete graphic and detailed view of the ESG status of your customers and suppliers.
  2. Combine ESG risk data with business and historical information.
  3. Consult the ESG performance reports of any supplier or customer.
  4. Download and share reports and insights to ease organisation and collaboration within your team.

How does D&B Risk Analytics ESG work?

  1. Upload a list of your company's suppliers and customers.
  2. Sends the survey to be completed to all suppliers and customers.
  3. Each supplier/customer completes the survey in a self-evaluative way.
  4. The system processes the information provided and displays the result of the ESG assessment for each company.
  5. You will be able to see the ESG information on the D&B Risk Analytics ESG Dashboard and the supplier/customer will be sent a summary report of their situation and improvement suggestions.
D&B Risk Analytics ESG

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