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Duns 100.000

Duns 100.000

Main Iberian Companies

The business directory of Informa D&B with marketing and business information on the 100,000 best companies in Spain and the 20,000 best companies in Portugal taking into account their sales volume.

DUNS 100.000 Main Iberian Companies, contains key information for:

  • Identify new business opportunities in Spain and Portugal.
  • Get to know the key data in a company before a commercial visit.
  • Locate alternative suppliers.
  • Compare their financial data with those of the companies on its sector.
  • Decide the marketing actions by sector, geographic area, companies' volume, parent company's country, etc.
  • Enrich the database of your clients.
  • Make simultaneous researches in Spain and Portugal accorfding to de criteria chosen.

More information at www.duns100000.com

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Informa D&B forms part of CESCE, reference group in the comprehensive management of commercial risk.

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