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Geopublic: monitor the economy in the territory

Geopublic: monitor the economy in the territory

Geopublic is a specific tool for Public Administrations.

It monitors the situation of companies (under an insolvency proceeding, deregistration commercial registry sheet file...), registrations and deregistrations, distribution by areas of activity sectors, turnover, employment generation and specialisation areas (tourism, logistics, commercial, industrial estates, etc.).


Geopublic InAtlas-Informa, through a location analytics and geodata visualisation software, allows Public Administrations to monitor the opportunities, advantages and disadvantages of their territory in comparison with other Autonomous Communities or regions, provinces and/or towns with similar characteristics.

What is Geopublic for?

  1. It helps monitor the economic activity behaviour in the territory, distribution level by sector, turnover, employees and risk level, among other variables, at detailed geographical scales.
  2. It facilitates decision-making when it comes to providing support, grants and financing to companies, with access to data on their "life" status (under an insolvency proceeding, deregistration commercial registry sheet file, etc.), as well as the mortality and new incorporations degree.
  3. It allows supra-municipal governments to access information on companies and the sole proprietorships in different towns to compare their activity and distribution in the territory.
  4. It allows agile and flexible customisation processes for the different Public Administrations departments, to access sectoral data from different sources and use cases (commerce, tourism, industrial estates...).

Use cases for the public sector

Economic Promotion

  1. Advice for entrepreneurship: knowledge of the business ecosystem and the socio-demographic environment. Analysis of the real estate market and optimal locations, detection of "voids" and influence areas near available premises.
  2. Support to municipal aid allocation processes and monitoring of the success of business attraction and/or recovery campaigns.
  3. Identification of opportunity areas for infrastructure projects, new urban developments, land planning, etc.

Industrial Areas

  1. Detection of business opportunities on industrial land.
  2. Business monitoring in industrial areas.
  3. Availability of real estate assets for sale and/or rent in industrial buildings.


  1. Monitoring of street-level activity.
  2. Cross-referencing of company directories with the Cadastre (Land Registry).
  3. Analysis of real estate offer to detect inactive premises.


  1. Monitoring of tourist areas: accommodation, restaurants, tourist resources and presence of tourists.
  2. Support for the design of strategies to redistribute the tourist load.
  3. Support for city marketing campaigns.

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Use cases for the public sector

Analyses business demographics for statistical studies

GeoPublic allows to periodically monitor the behaviour of the economic activity in the territory and its distribution based on different variables, as well as detect territorial patterns of success and/or risk both at a business and socio-demographic level.

Statistics Departments

  1. Knowledge of business demographics in the territory.
  2. Monitoring of the three main populations: residents, workers and tourists.
  3. Analysis of the real estate market: average sale/rent price of commercial premises.
Analyses business demographics for statistical studies

Customised automatic reports

Automated reports download on business demographics and socio-demographic data of the contracted territorial area, municipal or supra-municipal.

Customised automatic reports

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