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Master Data Management

Master Data Management

The information is the main asset of a company and, thus, we do help you through data purchase, handling and management on your company.

The foundations of Master Data Management

Information management has to be founded on these four pillars:

  • Standardise
  • Add
  • Integrate
  • Interconnect

Based on these four pillars we would carry out a series of actions with the final aim of making the best business decisions.

  • Analyse. Use Business Intelligence or analytic tools to access or arrange a data lake.
  • Inspire. The best professionals inspire in previously analysed information. Information does not substitute persons.
  • Decide. Make the best decisions for your business emanating from the data: Data Inspired Decision.

Informa D&B, as leader company in business information for businesses has a special know how on information handling within organisations.

In the past, information was different at every department and there were information silos that prevented the exploitation of all the knowledge by the organisations.

There are currently information professionals that manage information for all the company.

You could rely on Informa, company leader in business information, for your ERPs, CRMs and for all your different departments information needs:

  • Financial
  • Marketing
  • Purchases
  • Compliance
  • General Management

The foundations of Master Data Management

Master Data Management Services

Database Optimization

We have over 20 years experience in database optimisation using the most modern technologies in data handling. We do nowadays use the main Big Data tools for the handling of large data volumes.

Reconciliation and standardization

We do ease reconciliation and standardization processes on a company's database (CRM or ERP) as they usually contain information handling issues. The reconciliation process thanks to a unique identifier by company: NIF or DUNS number in the case of international records.

Periodic update and enriching

Database optimisation not only tries to find the specific company but also if additional fields are needed in your systems to store and work with them.

You will be able to incorporate our company database fields in your own database: phone number, address, activity, employee, sales, results or any other financial data.

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