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D&B Onboard

D&B Onboard

The information you need, on who you need it when you need it.

Minimize the legal, financial and reputation risk for your company

Guarantee the efficiency of the verification processes by including a global in-depth knowledge. We do ease your Compliance processes consolidating information disperse in several sources; D&B Onboard provides a unique access point to the information you need to carry out your investigations and accelerate decisions making with the utmost confidence.

Main characteristics

  • Online investigation tool with access to multiple Compliance information sources in a single site. 
  • The most reliable and updated data for a complete revision.
  • Corporate Linkages to obtain a complete image of the family tree of a company.

How does D&B Onboard works?

Minimize the legal, financial and reputation risk for your company. 

The best way to guarantee that a company is who it claims to be is to validate it against a trustworthy third party. The Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud provides the necessary knowledge to verify the identity of more than 400 million companies; more than 90% of the companies in the Fortune 500 list and 85% of the IBEX 35 ones do trust us, as well as government entities throughout the world. D&B Onboard matches operative, financial and legal data against sanctions list: OFAC, Bank of Spain and European Union among others, for you to process as many verifications as you need to confirm that the companies you do business with are who they say they are. 

We want to help you take the best decisions, and thus we have a wide range of Solutions depending on your needs.

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