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What is the ICIRED Defaults of Payments File?

What is the ICIRED Defaults of Payments File?

ICIRED is a credit information system based on reciprocity and open to the participation of thousands of sole proprietorships, SMEs and large companies. The defaults of payment file that helps you to prevent non-payments.

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Prevention and Protection with ICIRED

ICIRED is a Credit Information System based on reciprocity, which processes data on payment incidents 0-90 days old and non-payments (+90 days open).

It contains information on payment incidents of legal entities and sole proprietorships, provided by ICIRED's clients, to whom this information is made available to help them in their decision-making and risk management.

Prevention and Protection with ICIRED

What information will I get in the report with ICIRED Defaults of Payments File?

You can consult the ICIRED information by consulting the report of any company in INFORMA and finding out if it is included in this unpaid debts file (+ 90 days).

If the company is included in this file, you will obtain for each default of payment of this NIF:

  • Debtor classification.
  • Debt origin.
  • Total amount claimed.
  • Outstanding amount.
  • Non-payment date.

If the company is not included in the ICIRED Defaults of Payments File you will obtain:

  • Verification that the company has no incidents in ICIRED with the consultation date and time.
What information will I get in the report with ICIRED Defaults of Payments File?


These figures describe our success as market leaders

544 millions € MANAGED DEBT

How does ICIRED work?

At ICIRED Credit Services they are experts not only in the processing of traditional 90+ day default information, but also in the reporting of 0 – 90 days payment incidents and their evolution.

With ICIRED you can:

  1. Provide information on payment incidents (0-90 days) and non-payments (+90 days) of your customers.
  2. Consult the information of other companies.

What are the characteristics of the ICIRED Credit Services payment and non-payment file?

  1. Processing of payment incidents (0-90 days) for companies and sole proprietorships.
  2. Processing of non-payments (+90 days) for companies and sole proprietorships.
  3. Minimum amount: 50 €.
  4. Age limit for non-payments: 10 years for companies and 5 years for sole proprietorships.
  5. Information on companies with € 0 balance will be visible for 6 months.
  6. Payment and non-payment monitoring service: new registrations, change from payment incidence to non-payment, 0 € balance.
How does ICIRED work?


  1. Access to exclusive, early and up-to-date information not being processed in the market.
  2. Obtain credit information from any source of debt.
  3. Complements market information sources.
  4. Increase the collection rate by complementing the companies' collection actions as a result of information sharing.
  5. Monitoring the evolution of payment incidents through alert systems.
  6.  Access to "positive" information such as the 0€ balance.
  7. Access to differential data according to the sector originating the transaction.
  8. Strict compliance with data protection regulations and protection of the right to honour.
  9. Flexible access to services: from INFORMA's website, web portal, Batch, API.

Protect before non-payments with ICIRED