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Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager

It is an online tool that allows you to cross your customer data with information from Informa D&B's Global Database, to obtain an integral approach to your customer portfolio and reduce the default of payments risk.

Business Risk Management

Portfolio Manager will allow you to:
  • Know business risk distribution in your clients´ portfolio.
  • Get the non-fulfilment probability on your clients´ payment delays, using the D&B Paydex indicator.
  • Detect risk exposure within a business group using global family trees.
  • Know the risk evolution of your clients´ portfolio.
  • Identify sectors with greatest risk in your portfolio and the best sectors to concentrate prospects.
  • Plan your credit strategy, customize your policy by business line, age, or legal form
  • Maintain a permanent monitoring of changes taking place in your portfolio, thanks to the customizable alerts.

Analyze your customer portfolio

Portfolio Manager allows you several types of analysis of your portfolio:

Summary View

Get a summary of outstanding debt, grouped by default risk and failure risk.

Portfolio Distribution

Provides a structured view of the risk of your customer portfolio through its particular characteristics: company's size, age, legal form, geographical location, activity sector and D&B Score.

Bad debt Forecast

With this report you could estimate your client portfolio risk for a period of 12 months and identify those most likely to default.

Corporate Risk

Identifies the potential loss of a business group analyzing the outstanding balances aggregated by the parent company. Besides, thanks to the information on business family trees, you could identify business opportunities within the same corporate family.

Debt Analysis

Provides a general overview of the debt in your customer portfolio by age and collection and provisions strategy.

Alerts Report

Provides a detailed summary of the changes in your portfolio, grouped by alert type.

If you need to optimize the supply chain management and reduce your company's vulnerability to unexpected changes you do also have a version for purchase management: Supplier Portfolio Manager.

Analyze your customer portfolio

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