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Orbis is a marketing and financial information analysis software with over 360 million companies worldwide, including banks and insurance companies).

What is ORBIS?

Orbis is the solution you need if your company wants to analyse financial information or find and get to know customers internationally.

Besides, Orbis can also be useful for researching specific companies or searching for companies with particular profiles. With this tool, you can carry out your own analysis and find any company in the world.

What information does the Orbis database offer?

Orbis offers valuable information about millions of companies located all over the world:

  • Information on companies in mainland Europe, including countries both in the eastern and western regions.
  • Financial information in a standard format to compare companies in different countries.
  • Financial soundness indicators.
  • Images of the report and accounts of quoted companies.
  • Users can create their own ratios.
  • Information about directors and other contacts.
  • Shares prices of quoted companies.
  • Corporate structure information details.
  • Geopositioning of companies.
  • Research on the consulted market.
  • News and changes about the consulted company.

What information does the Orbis database offer?

How can Orbis help you?

Orbis is an easy-to-use tool with which you will immediately obtain the information you need, making easy leads acquisition and conversion into real customers.

  • Search by hundreds of criteria or trends.
  • Carry out analysis with information from different companies using the standard financial template.
  • Create detailed financial analyses about a company. You can also include additional information, market studies and news.
  • Get access to the original files with the scanned images library.
  • Create graphs easily to illustrate finances.
  • Obtain a quick view of the financial strength of any company.
  • Learn the geographic distribution of companies by using map analysis.
  • Use the alerts system to monitor any company.
  • Consult the corporate structure of any company and find companies with the same parent.
  • Find out more about your prospects and enrich your CRM system.

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