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Newly created companies

Newly created companies

An average of 95,000 companies are created every year in Spain.These companies are in a stage of growth and, therefore, have investment capacity. Newly created companies are the best target audience for your marketing campaigns.

Use of the new incorporations files

New incorporations files are specially oriented to the Marketing departments and with them you could:

  • Find new customers for your company.
  • Target potential customers with direct marketing actions.
  • Study the evolution of sectors at a national and regional level.

The image shows the evolution of the companies created in the last few years in Spain according to the business demography studies carried out by Informa D&B.

Use of the new incorporations files

2023: the year with the highest number of constitutions of the last decade

In 2023, the number of incorporations increased by almost 10% in comparison with 2021. According to the analysis of INFORMA's data, 109,182 companies have been incorporated. The total number of companies created in 2023 is the highest figure in the last 10 years, followed by 2021 and 2016, which also exceeded 100,000 companies incorporated.

All autonomous communities increased their number of incorporations if compared to 2022, except Ceuta and Melilla. The region with the highest increase is Andalusia with more than 2,000 companies, followed by Madrid and Catalonia. In 2023, Madrid concentrated more than 22.89% of the incorporations, followed by Catalonia with 19.13% and Andalusia with 17.62%.

The sectors with the highest number of incorporations were Construction and Real Estate Activities, while Industry and Business Services have the highest drop in incorporations in comparison with 2022.

For additional information, please consult our business demography reports to find out in detail the evolution of new companies in our country month by month.

2023: the year with the highest number of constitutions of the last decade

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New incorporations files may be obtained on a national and provincial level. It contains the following data:

  • BORME publication data and constitution date.
  • NIF of the company.
  • Business Address.
  • Share, subscribed and paid-up capital.
  • Contact person.
  • CNAE activity code.

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