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Complaints Channel

Complaints Channel

The Complaints Channel is implemented for all the employees of the Cesce Group, for those who maintain relationships with the different Companies of the Group (agents, clients, suppliers...) and for any other interest group to report possible non-compliances related to the principles and values of Grupo CESCE collected on their respective Ethical Codes.


The complaints have to contain the necessary data to carry out the analysis of the communicated facts and, thus, it must contain the following references:

  • Name and ID Number (or similar) of the complainant.
  • Company of the complainant.
  • Contact data: telephone number, e-mail, etc.
  • Content of the complaint: clear and detailed statement of the facts, the company/area affected and the date or period when they have occurred and identification of the persons possibly involved.

 Furthermore, the complainant may accompany any evidence in his hands.

 Confidentiality is guaranteed on the complainant, the subject of the complaint and of other possibly related parties, and the content of the complaint.

 In no case would the complainant be identified as a consequence of the complainant exercising its access right. Retaliation of any kind shall not be tolerated for complaints submitted in good faith.

 According to the Organic Law 3/2018 on Personal Data Protection and digital rights guarantee, it is to be considered legal the creation and maintenance of information systems through which you could notify the company even anonymously, acts or conducts on its behalf or that of third parties that may be contraries to the applicable sectorial or general norms.

 Therefore, there could be accepted those complaints with no complainant identification data for it to be investigated under consistency and proportionality criteria.

 Personal data protection

 As established in the Personal Data Protection Law we do inform you that CESCE, S.A. with registered address at Calle Velázquez, núm. 74 - 28001 Madrid and e-mail cesce@cesce.es, would process the personal data provided by you. We do as well communicate that CESCE has a Data Protection Officer that you could contract through the following e-mail address: dpd@grupocesce.es.

 The data would be processed with the exclusive aim of managing and processing the corresponding non-compliance or irregularities complaints of the principles and values of CESCE’s Ethics Code. This way, only the strictly necessary data would be saved for the fulfilment of the afore mentioned clause.

 The processing of that data is based in the fulfilment of a legal obligation. You have the right to remove your consent at any moment without it affecting the lawfulness of the processing based in your consent previous to its removal.

 Our Complaints Channel is common to all companies of CESCE Group, and thus, such personal data may be assigned to CESCE’s affiliated companies whenever is it necessary for the investigation, handling and/or resolution of a complaint.

 Finally, we do inform you that, in any case, you could at any moment exercise your access, rectification, cancellation, elimination or opposition rights as well as your portability right over your data and the right of not being the aim of any automated decision with a postcard addressed to the Jefe de Unidad de Asesoría Jurídica to Calle Velázquez , núm. 74 in Madrid or to the e-mail address canal.denuncias@grupocesce.es.

 You could consult additional and detailed information on Data Protection on site: http://www.cesce.es.