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Geocode, the leading standardisation software

Geocode, the leading standardisation software

Data has become one of the main assets within organisations, so it is essential to take care of the maintenance and cleaning of our database.

At INFORMA, we are aware of the importance of data; thus, we offer the complete solution to help you improve your data management and quality processes.

Geocode: quality and flexibility

The leading solution for standardisation, validation, correction, coding and geolocation of postal addresses in Spain and Portugal. This software adapts to the needs of each customer; it includes contact data format validation and information allocation functionalities: statistical indicators and external data aggregation.

Geocode offers:

  1. Standardisation : of contact data, names and addresses.
  2. Deduplication: elimination of duplicated contacts .
  3. Enrichment: allocation of information from different sources. (INE Code, Census Section, Coordinates, socio-demographic characteristics or land registry information).
  4. Integration: Geocode is integrated into the customer's applications to improve the user experience and ease data entering into forms, meet optimal response times and ensure the quality of the information stored in the database .
  • Geocode API: Catalogue of Web Services for Standardization and Enrichment. Integrable with CRMs, ERPs, CMS, Call Centers and installation in the Client’s Platform or Software as a Service.
  • Geocode Oracle: Corporate solution for integration with online services, processes large volumes of data.
  • Geocode Host: Solution for Host platforms and corporate transactional environments with the capacity to integrate batch and online processing .
  • Geocode Batch: Ability to perform batch standardization and enrichment processes in a Software as a Service model .
Geocode: quality and flexibility

Geocode is the tool you need

GEOCODE will help you end with inaccurate data, outdated contacts, incomplete or duplicate records. With this tool, you could extract all the value of your data:

  1. Accuracy and integrity. It ensures that each piece of data meets its goal.
  2. Relevance, coherence, effectiveness, reliability and accessibility.
  3. Data quality guarantees in the customer registration, updating, identification of duplicates and filtering against the Robinson list processes.
  4. Optimisation of your marketing campaigns, avoiding returns, duplicate communications and knowing your customer's profile.

Geocode is the tool you need

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