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International Marketing

International Marketing

At INFORMA, we offer databases with information on more than 500 million companies all over the world. Obtain now the database you need to make your business grow internationally.

International Marketing Database

At INFORMA, we offer all the marketing lists you need to guarantee success in your marketing actions everywhere. 

Following the acquisition of Dun & Bradstreet Spain and Portugal, Informa D&B is the only Spanish company to offer online access to the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud.

Through it, you can access all the information you need to carry out your marketing actions worldwide and you can set your business aims, decide the channel and duration of your campaigns, and measure and analyse their results.

International Marketing Database Advantages

  • Effectiveness: it is a qualified investment that provides higher profitability to the company.
  • ROI improvement: is one of the most reliable tools to improve profits or returns of investments, a reliable stake in marketing strategy.
  • Segmentation: It allows a great segmentation of the target of our marketing campaigns.
  • Reliability: The database's consultation offers details of the companies providing reliability about possible defaults of payments risks for you to take distance with customers with a high defaulting percentage.

International Marketing Database

Reasons to internationalise your company

Are you looking to grow your business? Are you thinking of diversifying? Is your local market saturated? Do you want to increase your competitiveness?

Suppose you are thinking of expanding your business and breaking into the international market, in that case, INFORMA makes it easy for you by providing access to marketing listings of companies from all over the world:

  • Search for opportunities in international markets.
  • Consulting the D&B international marketing list offers the opportunity to draw up a qualified global marketing plan.
  • Establish relationships with companies in other countries interested in expanding beyond the national level and into the international market.
  • Make significant changes at a strategic, methodological and technical level.
  • Business internationalisation is the equivalent of growth, which leads to improvements in competitiveness.
Reasons to internationalise your company

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