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Email marketing services

Email marketing services

Do you want to go further in your next marketing actions and reach new business opportunities?

If you are looking to give a boost to your customer acquisition actions and you need specialised services to implement your next email marketing campaigns, INFORMA can help you achieve it.

Increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns

At INFORMA we know that reaching the right audience in your communications, obtaining new contacts and turning them into new customers is a challenge. That is why, with our Email Marketing services we want to help you reach your potential customers in a quick, direct and effective way, optimising time and available resources.

  • Email marketing is the most efficient way to maintain communication with the client.
  • It increases traffic to the web and thus, generates more sales and, therefore, more income.
  • It allows you to accurately track campaigns, easily review results and improve their effectiveness.

Increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns

What products do we offer?

Lead Management

We offer you different services for one-off or recurring campaigns so that your next email marketing actions allow you to reach the public interested in your products and services.

    1. Listbroking Service: qualified B2C databases with full legal guarantees for their use. We have more than 10 database providers as file holders.
    2. Email marketing campaigns and the possibility of sms sending: with million records available for Spain and the possibility of extending to other countries.
    3. Tailor-made lead acquisition, with exclusive client's own or third parties' landings so that you can obtain the most relevant leads for your business .

    • Lead Acquisition with Exclusive landings .
    •  Co-registrations: Lead acquisition with Third Party's landings .
    •  Sponsoring: Lead acquisition with Third Party Landing .
    •  SmartList: Lead acquisition with an Exclusive model.

What products do we offer?

Obtain now the database you need to make your business grow.

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Robinson List

At INFORMA we offer the Robinson List consultation service to comply with the legal obligation of excluding those persons registered therein from advertising campaigns on which no consent has been obtained in accordance with Article 4.11 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 for the sending of advertising communications.

We offer the following Robinson List consultation possibilities for any of the 4 communication channels (postal mail, email, telephone call or SMS):

Occasional or biweekly services: Batch data processing processes and Robinson data identification for no advertising campaigns to be carried out on such records.

Development of Robinson List consultation access service from the environments required by the company – contact centre, campaign management, business applications – this can be: 

  • Online consultation (high availability, multiple access applications).
  • Automated file processing interface for filtering Robinsons' data (high availability, any time).

Robinson List

Which are the benefits of Email Marketing?

Some of the benefits of using Email Marketing are:

  • Inexpensive: Email Marketing campaigns are inexpensive in comparison with other communication channels.
  • Effectiveness: unlike other channels, this one has a larger efficiency percentage, up to 40 times more powerful than the social networks
  • Customisation: it allows you to create adequate messages to the public to which they are oriented
  • Measuring: another great advantage of this channel is the measuring data, offering real-time information.
  • Segmentation: to target only those profiles that may be interested in your product or service.
Which are the benefits of Email Marketing?