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The RAI, or Disputed Bills Register is one of the largest Spanish defaults of payments databases and it is as well the most important in Spain because it contains the largest source of negative information on companies.

The file RAI, is managed by the Interbank Cooperation Center, and includes the unpaid bills for an amount equal to or greater than 300.51 euros.

Non-payments registered in RAI have to be documents signed by the debtor in which the debt is recognized (e.g., letters of credit, checks, promissory notes or bills representing a debt certain and enforceable).

Access RAI at www.informa.es

INFORMA D&B has been the first company in Spain in providing online access to R.A.I. You just have to consult a report on a company and include the RAI consultation in that request.

What information will I get in the report with RAI?

If the RAI file inquiry is positive you would obtain:

  • Total number of unpaid bills by a company in RAI.
  • Total amount summed up (€).
  • Date of the latest incidence registered.

If the RAI file inquiry is negative you would obtain:

  • Verification that the company has no incidents in RAI with the consultation date and time.

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