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Marketing Databases

Marketing Databases

INFORMA has the widest range of specific Marketing databases for every need.

Get the database you need to carry out your marketing actions: Businesses, sole proprietorships and executive's databases.

Why use a marketing database?

The best Marketing Database: Prospecta A powerful tool to find marketing solutions for your company.

With the more comprehensive businesses database in Spain, you will be able to:

  • Classify and remove from your files the companies and individuals with higher default of payment risk.
  • Identify, classify and segment new prospects, according to your needs.
  • Direct campaigns to most profitable prospects all throughout the world.
  • Contact with the main executives that take decisions at companies.
  • Normalise, update, refine and enrich your company's database (CRM) with our companies' lists.

And if you need to carry out a database of individuals or an international marketing action, INFORMA also has the solution that best suits your needs.

Why use a marketing database?

Are you looking for new customers or increasing your sales?

B2B International Marketing Databases

Our marketing databases are designed to provide solutions to all types of users and needs.

Businesses Databases

Prospecta Companies: INFORMA D&B's marketing database; a place to find all the best companies to carry out marketing actions. This database was born after the merger of INFORMA and Dun & Bradstreet's databases to establish qualitative and quantitative differences in the marketing world.

Obtain the database you need by using more than 50 segmentation criteria such as activity, location, sales, age of the company, balance sheet items, shareholding, risk criteria and, of course, INFORMA's Rating which allows you to remove from the list the companies with the highest financial risk.

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Sole proprietorship’s Databases

Don't let a significant proportion of the Spanish business network escape from your radar: sole proprietorships. With Prospecta Sole Proprietorship all the information on these legal entities (sole proprietorships) is standardised and refined, ready to complement commercial and marketing actions.

Executives databases

Find out who to orient your mailing and telemarketing campaigns to with Prospecta Executives. Obtain business contact details, continuously updated, of more than 5,3 million executives and administrators.

Are you looking for new customers or increasing your sales?

Special databases

INFORMA has created two special databases to help you acquire new customers and increase sales.

Recently Constituted Companies

Stay ahead of the competition and attract new customers. Target your sales and marketing actions to recently constituted companies and don't miss this opportunity out.

With the recently constituted companies files you will be able to:

  • Identify new potential customers for your business.
  • Carry out direct marketing actions to these companies.
  • Analyse market growth by sector and geographical area.

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Exporting companies

Increase sales by targeting exporting companies in Spain. Exporting companies are those having lower risk and generating higher income with fewer late payments.

Obtain the exporting companies file that contains the following information:

  • NIF of the company.
  • Export Index.
  • Export Probability.
  • Score 1 – 100.
  • Calculation date.
Special databases

Obtain now the database you need to make your business grow.

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