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Marketing Databases

Marketing Databases

INFORMA complements its Marketing B2B specialised services with the widest range of specific marketing databases for every need.

Access to online segmenter

The best Marketing Database: Prospecta

Prospecta is a powerful tool to find marketing solutions for your company. With our database you could:

  • Classify and remove from your files the companies and individuals with higher default of payment risk.
  • Identify, classify and segment new prospects, according to your needs.
  • Direct campaigns to most profitable prospects all throughout the world.
  • Contact with the main executives that take decisions at companies.
  • Normalise, update, refine and enrich your company's database (CRM) with our companies' lists.

The best Marketing Database: Prospecta

B2B Marketing Databases

Our marketing database is designed to provide solutions to all types of users and needs. You could hereby consult the opportunities we do offer.

Marketing Companies Database

  • Companies. It is the marketing database of Informa D&B where you would find the best companies to carry out marketing actions. This database was born after the merger of INFORMA and Dun & Bradstreet's databases with the aim of establishing qualitative and quantitative differences in the marketing world.
  • Sole Proprietorships where you would find all the information on these legal entities (sole proprietorships), normalised, and cleaned-up, prepared to complement marketing and commercial actions.
  • Executives with business contact information, continuously updated on more than 4.4 million executives and administrators, decision-makers, to orient your marketing campaigns.

Newly Incorporated Files

The New Incorporations File at a national and regional level contains information on recently constituted companies and their incorporation (constitution date, publication date in BORME, announcement, etc.), identification data of the company (CIF, registered name, registered address, XY coordenates, etc.) share, subscribed and paid-up capital, contact person, NACE activity code, etc.

With this new incorporations file you can:

  • Identifying potential new customers.
  • Carry out direct marketing activities.
  • Analyse the market growth by sectors and geographical areas.

B2B Marketing Databases

Households' Marketing Databases

The largest Spanish households' database with classifications depending on income estimations.

Get to know the estimated income value of more than 20 million building units at a floor and door level, updated annually and in strict compliance with data protection laws. This information would be accessible through our InAtlas-Informa geomarketing application or through a batch file.


We want to help you take the best decisions, and thus we have a wide range of Solutions depending on your needs.

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